David Graham

For US Senate

Running to represent the great state of Kansas in the US Senate. 

The Leadership Our State Needs

With a proven track record as a lawyer, David Graham has what it takes to fight on behalf of Kansans in DC.

Reduce the Size of Government

Government has become overly involved in almost every aspect of our lives.  The size of government has grown out of control and there is a huge disconnect between now and what our country’s framers intended. I shall work to reduce the overall size of government and restore control to local citizens.


Criminal Justice Reform

Our United States incarcerate citizens at a much higher rate than many other countries. Much of this has to do with non violent offenders. We need to change the way our Criminal Justice system works and give more focus to violent crime.


Smarter National Defense

Overseas nation building and proxy wars have left us worse off. We need to apply the lessons learned by reigning in these wars and spending with more of a defensive mindset.


David on the polygraph test.

About David Graham

I grew up in a working class home. My father was a truck driver and my mother did clerical work for Macy’s, then Dillard’s. They instilled in me a strong work ethic and taught me the value of a dollar. After my graduation from Shawnee Mission North, I attended Washburn University of Topeka, where I earned a B.A. Then, I earned my law degree from the University of Kansas. Today, I practice law as a sole practitioner, handling a wide variety of cases. Serving as a United States Senator has been my dream since high school, where “Senator” was my nickname.

Mission & Values

The goal of my campaign is to give voters the choice to elect an outsider who will fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

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 Elections are held November 8th 2022. Be sure you’re registered!








News & Updates

Campaign Kick-off!

The team and I are looking forward to meeting a bunch of our neighbors and discussing how Libertarian policies can benefit our state and country.


Pro-Life Libertarian Caucus

Questions for David? Reach him at 913-325-6596